The VEX World Championships are over for another year.  Want to experience the excitement. Visit the following link for exciting news.

ESPN VEX World Championship Special.

ProBots Ottawa is excited about its summer 2017 schedule.  Register now for VEX IQ and EDR classes.  

Completed at least two courses, join one of our competition teams.  Our competition meetings start on Saturday, May 27th and then Wednesdays, May 31, June 14th and 28th.

​​Some Videos from the 2016 VEX World Championships.

A Self Steering VEX IQ Car

Teachers, contact us for information on how your class can become involved in VEX Robotics competition.  The Lockheed Martin VEX Robotics classroom grant is back.  Contact us for more information.

Experimenting with Drive Trains at March Break Camps..

Some of the March Break Robotics Camp robots in action. Addend a Summer Camp and your robot design cold be up here to..

Programming and RoBotics

Design, Build, Program Robots

A STEM (Science, Technolgy, Engineering, Mathematics) Learning Facility

ProBots Ottawa Updates

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